Men and Skin

Men and skincare has been changing and an increasing number of men are becoming more interested in their own skincare, learning more about the best daily practices needed to maintain a clear, healthy and more youthful complexion. And it’s no surprise when you consider research shows how you look can have an impact on your career, outlook on life and dating opportunities. Keeping skin healthy and smooth helps keep a man looking good in the short and long term.

 The benefits of maintaining a skincare routine are many:

  • Shaving will be easier
  • Skin won’t look blotchy or red
  • Fewer ingrown hairs
  • Fewer breakouts, bumps and oily areas
  • Smoother, younger-looking skin

 So what does it take for a man to improve his skincare regimen? A collection of skincare products that are formulated specifically for a man’s skin and a few other maintenance basics. After all, skin is its best when it’s being worked on from the inside out. Here is what we recommend for every man:

Cleanse Thoroughly and Exfoliate

A good scrub helps slough away dead skin cells that make your face look dull. Use a cleanser that contains glycolic acid, like Jordan & Petersen’s Super Wash, both in the morning and before bed. This cleanser utilizes a triple blend of lactic, citric, malic, tartaric, and glycolic, in combination with hyaluronic acid, to thoroughly cleanse the skin while preventing over-drying. For an even deeper cleanse, use an exfoliating scrub once or twice a week.


Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Keeping skin moisturized can be achieved both topically and from the inside out. Which means that you should be drinking at least six glasses of water a day. It’s also important to monitor the amount of alcohol and caffeine you consume, as these both will cause you to feel dehydrated.

Hydrate by moisturizing in the morning and in the evening. Many face lotions contain oils, which will work well for men with normal skin. For guys with oily skin and those prone to breakouts, look for a water-based product, such as our Hydra Serum, which is an oil-free moisturizing gel that uses pharmaceutical-grade hyaluronic acid to intensely hydrate while also being ultra-lightweight.

Limit Sugar Consumption

Sugar is the skin’s worst enemy. Indulging once in a while won’t hurt, but a diet that is high in sugar will cause inflammation, which can lead to breakouts. And sugar sneaks its way into many un-assuming foods, such as yogurt, sauces, condiments, and protein bars.

We’re always telling our clients and customers how important it is to read their skincare product labels, but the same goes for food labels. Read your labels to ensure that you’re not accidentally consuming too much sugar.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Nothing weathers your skin more than the sun’s harmful rays. Damaging rays can speed up the aging process by slowing down collagen production and cell growth, thus forcing the skin to lose its elasticity. The best defense against UV rays is a good sunscreen. Look for a moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or higher that provides broad-spectrum protection, meaning it blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Our Super Day Cream is a great 2-in-one daily moisturizer that contains micronized titanium dioxide for sun protection and hyaluronic acid for hydration.

Get Enough Zzzzs

Balancing work, a social life, a family, and more can mean that you’re sacrificing sleep. There’s a reason why it’s recommended to clock at least seven to eight hours or sleep every night. This gives your cells time to fix the day’s wear and tear, heading off wrinkles, fine lines and breakouts. And don’t attempt to ‘make up hours’. Your body and skin need consistent sleep to look their best!

Get Moving

Stress is an inevitable part of life. Too much stress doesn’t just wreak havoc on your mood, though – it also directly affects your skin. When stress levels increase, it causes hormone levels to fluctuate, which can damage healthy skin cells and make you more prone to breakouts and wrinkles. While there’s no magic bottle that will help keep stress at bay, recharge by getting active and burning off some energy. Studies show that exercise is effective at reducing fatigue, improving alertness, and enhancing overall cognitive function. They have also found that exercise can help to decreases overall levels of tension, elevate and stabilize mood, improve sleep, and improve self-esteem. 

Recharge Your Skin Cells

Even if the idea of facials isn’t on your radar, consider going in for a micro-dermabrasion facial at least once or twice a year. Think of it as a turbo-boost for regenerating skin cells and erasing damage. This deep exfoliation treatment will help make your routine more effective by eradicating the build-up that occurs on a level beyond what a scrub can remove. It also triggers new skin cells to quickly rebuild, eliminates signs of aging, and smoothes over the texture of your skin.