Difference with Experience in Skincare

With a love for high standards in service and treatments, we believed all along that we were offering the best skincare products available on the market. We hand selected products for results and provided the best anti-aging sources available…..or so we thought. We both began seeing an alarming number of our clients coming into our spas, suffering with redness, irritation, rosacea, and multiple sensitivities. With the numerous discoveries over the last several years and an increasing number of harmful ingredients in skin care products and the negative effects they are having on the skin and body, we felt compelled to change. In the skincare world there is this belief that products, in order to be effective, need to be loaded with chemicals and non-human ingredients in order to achieve results. The problem with this is the chemicals and toxins can have a side effect on the skin at a cellular level. This side effect often leads to irritation and inflammation or redness.
“We understand that the cosmetic world can be overwhelming with all the available brands out in the marketplace today. We are about more than just skincare products. We want to shed light on the whole picture, not only for our clients, but also for the large number of consumers who just don’t know what they’re really putting on their skin. We believe in helping people understand basic ingredients, how they affect the skin and what they are doing on a cellular level. It is this holistic and healthy beauty promise that ultimately will end in better and more beautiful results for everyone.”